When I was promoted to CEO, I wanted to hone my media and presentation skills, and Dan Broden was recommended to me as one of the best coaches in the nation. I was not disappointed. His coaching has impacted me more powerfully than any other in my career. What a difference Dan has made to my work every day!”
Chairman and CEO, Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company
We approached Dan because we had executives who already had a good amount of experience with media, but who were new to their roles and needed more complex message crafting help. Even when working with polished communicators, Dan has the ability to unlock their full potential. His method helps them organize their responses and thoughts in a simple manner, ultimately delivering a great interview with concise messages. Dan comes prepared and has an approachable manner that puts executives at ease.”
Nina Herrera-Davila, Senior Director, Marriott Public Relations
Dan Broden has provided outstanding presentation training for a number of our leaders at WestRock. His engaging style and practical, sound advice have made a real difference in the presentation performance of many of our team. Dan is a great resource to have — his tips and recommendations are easy to implement, and he follows up to ensure that those he works with are progressing in their skill development.”
Donna Cox, Chief Communications Officer, WestRock
Dan Broden’s media workshop is both dynamic and informative, but more importantly provides our players with a pragmatic approach to interacting with all media.  Dan’s interactive presentation approach and style keeps audiences engaged and motivated to improve!  He has been an asset and resource for Big East players throughout their collegiate careers and beyond!”
Stu Jackson, Senior Associate Commissioner, Men’s Basketball at BIG EAST CONFERENCE
I have been working with Dan for several years to provide media training and persuasive communications coaching to nearly 100 executives across our company, including every member of the C-suite. To a person, each one has said the coaching has been invaluable; some have described it as the best training they have received in their entire career on any topic. Dan’s approach is engaging, practical and easy to build on as you apply the skills and techniques he imparts. I cannot recommend him more highly.”
Chief Communications Officer, Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company
I have hired Dan for media training and to further develop presentation skills for both talent and executives. He is a true professional and presents the information in an interesting and engaging way so that people pay attention. Everyone who has gone through the training with Dan has walked away saying that it has helped them feel more confident whether dealing with media or doing speaking engagements/presentations. I would definitely recommend Broden Communications for any company interested in this type of training.”
Jay Jay Nesheim, Director, Communications, ESPN
Dan’s superb training seminars have helped many of my colleagues and me deliver better presentations to small and large audiences alike. He has provided guidance that enables us to better structure our communications to consider the intersection of our objectives and those of our audience. He helps with both big points (such as presentation outlines) and small ones (such as mannerisms that are getting in the way of our messages.) Most of all, he does this in a focused way that transfers skills to our team so we are better equipped when faced with other challenges in the future. He has helped our organization tremendously and I can say with confidence that he is one of the best training professionals I have encountered in any discipline.
Howard Steyn, Partner, L Catterton (venture capital and private equity firm)
These were some of the most valuable training modules I have received at Clorox. Maybe even THE best. Developing, thinking about and creating key messages is going to be something I’ll use every day whether I have an actual media interview or just a normal 1×1 with my senior leaders or teammates.”
Heath Rigsby, Vice President of International Sales at The Clorox Company (Canada)
Dan Broden’s extraordinary training workshops have had a powerful impact on me and many of my colleagues in the Rabbinical Assembly. Through Dan’s clear instruction and guidance, we have acquired new and improved communication skills.  One rabbi who took part in Dan’s workshop referred to it as ‘without a doubt one of the most powerful professional learning experiences I have ever had. It will have a powerful impact upon my ability to speak to my congregation.'”
Rabbi Bill Lebeau, Senior Consultant for Rabbinic and Institutional Leadership for the Rabbinical Assembly
I continue to get excellent feedback about the sessions overall, and wanted to thank you again very much taking time to go train everyone. The time you spent with the team had an incredibly high ROI, not just in terms of professional development, but also employee engagement.”
Matt Kohler, Studio Leader, The Clorox Company (Canada)
Of all the media trainers I have worked with throughout my career, Dan is by far the best. He has provided media training for most of our senior level executives. His real talent lies in his ability to engage his audience and make them feel at ease. His approach is uncomplicated and ‘attainable’; in other words, executives who may have been intimidated by the television camera, microphone or journalist pad develop a new-found confidence. I’ve found that Dan’s background of having worked in front of the camera make him well-suited to teach others how to participate in media interviews that are impactful, effective and successful.
Marianne Fulgenzi, Global Director, External Communications, Pitney Bowes Management Services
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) has greatly benefited from the training offered by Broden Communications. Thanks to Dan, our senior management and marketing teams have considerably improved their media interview skills. Furthermore, the ‘Key Messages’ methodology promoted by Dan has allowed our team to develop a solid discipline in pre-meeting and pre-presentation preparedness. Dan’s approach has been quite enriching, flexible and rewarding.”
Marc R. Lacroix, Director of International Product Planning, BRP Inc.
Broden Communications Presentation Skills Coaching and Media Training have made a tangible difference in my professional career. Dan’s practical solutions to simplifying the challenge of effective public speaking are magnified by his innovative approach. Utilizing on camera techniques coupled with objective critiquing clearly accelerate the learning process and deliver concrete results. Dan is not only an expert in the field of presentation and media skills, he is an extraordinary coach who approaches his job with passion and conviction. His energy and personality are contagious, inspiring his clients with the confidence to hit a home run every time!”
Scott Sherman, Senior Business Director, EMD Serono Inc.
Dan’s approach and easy-to-follow methodology yields consistent and immediate results. Regardless of your personal style or experience level, Dan will enable you to be a more effective and comfortable communicator. You’ll finish a session with new skills that you will remember and use well into the future. What separates Dan from others in his field is that he’s able to adapt to and work to great success with a variety of personality types.”
Jennifer Barton, Vice President, Media Relations, L-3 Communications
I believe this session has been the most helpful and relevant training I’ve had in my 18 years at [my company]. Like it or not, we judge a person’s leadership abilities by how they come across on stage, yet good public speaking training is not that easy to access. This training should become a mandatory part of senior leadership training.”
Heidi D, Fortune 500 VP and General Manager
We all went through training with Dan at JANA to help us improve our communications with clients and prospects, and it proved to be very valuable. Dan is a true professional at this, and each of us took away concepts and pointers that help us make every client meeting more impactful. I can highly recommend that each client-facing person in the money management business go through this training.
Gary Claar, General Partner, JANA Partners
Dan Broden is masterful! He understands media and communications and is able to explain and demonstrate the art as a true professional. The techniques he imparts are useful and meaningful and result in success every time.”
Melanie Gordon-Felsman, VP Communications & Marketing, Cantor Fitzgerald
Dan is the consummate professional, a reliable vendor-partner, and a pleasure to work with. His expertise and ability to make others understand how they can communicate better in all types of situations, is unmatched.
Ellen Christie, Communications Manager, Girls Scouts of the USA
Dan is an excellent partner for media training and presentation skills. He is great to work with and delivers creative, effective ideas that achieve results. He knows the media and is truly an expert. I highly recommend Dan as a great partner for communications needs.
Stacey Minton, Director Management Communications, Merck Serono